These are just a few of the testimonials and reviews from people who have been helped at Waves of Live. Please contact me if you would like more testimonials or reviews from clients.

Romel is a Reiki Master who is very humble, very capable and gifted. It is a pleasure to receive her treatments. I have been in a long term healing process from my torn meniscus of the knee. Many good people have helped me make good progress. And yet, it has been the July sessions with Romel Hokanson which have brought me to the condition of strength, freedom from pain and weakness, and greater range of motion. I am deeply grateful for the healing space and healing energy Romel offers.

Dana Terrell, LCSW, EAC, EMDR, San Diego, Ca

Romel is a miracle worker who is worth her weight in diamonds. 5 stars.

Jim L., Pittsburgh, PA

I would like to say that the Reiki healing treatments by Romel Hokanson are one of the best things ever! Initially, my purpose for starting Reiki treatment was to relieve physical and mental stress but I have come to experience that it really does so much more…it somehow, “clears my mind” of unknown issues and maladies that I hold onto in my body & mind. It has become a very “proactive” treatment for me that I schedule once of month to help “ward off” both physical and mental ills. It is incredibly relaxing; better than any deep sleep ever. It is non invasive and suitable for children and adults alike.
I believe regular Reiki treatments by Romel Hokanson are an excellent investment in overall well being.

Linda K., San Diego Ca.
I found Romel in the OB People’s Newsletter about 3/4 years ago I think, I didn’t know what Reiki was at that time, I just knew was something good for you, some kind of energy. Because little kid was going to Brazil by himself, I called her to do some Reiki on him for protection. Romel was much more then I expected, she did almost a 2 hours session with us, at the first hour she explained what Reiki was, about chakras and energy and how she would do the work with him. I left them for one more hour and my son was amazed with what he felt there, he mentioned about the heat of her hands, and how good he was feeling, he also left to his trip feeling “protected” and energized. We lost the contact with her but we never forgot that day. I also would like her to know how thankful we were for that awesome experience, and to share with her that I went to Reiki classes and now I am also a Reiki practitioner in addition to massage therapist. Thank you Romel. Namaste!
Adriene C., San Diego, Ca.

The moment you walk into Romel’s office, you find yourself starting to feel calm already. There’s just something about her environment, and about Romel herself, her nurturing and peaceful energy, that tells you you’re going to have a very special experience. I don’t pretend to understand everything about biofeedback, but I do know that by the end of a session, my body feels more balanced, more relaxed, more energized. Then I walk away with a fascinating computer printout showing my aura before and after the session. Confirmation that we are energy/spirit beings — so much more than these bodies we identify with. I highly recommend her bioenergetic healing therapy.

Shirley C., San Diego, Ca.
I first saw Romel during the summer of 2007 for help with a variety of health issues. I had 10 biofeedback sessions, and during that time two health challenges which I assumed I’d just have to live with completely disappeared: my allergies and my menopausal hot flashes. I was hot-flash free for almost a year, but then they started reoccurring, mildly. I went back to Romel before they became too frequent, and she recommended EFT. After just 2 sessions of combination biofeedback and EFT, the hot flashes were almost gone. The best part was, Romel taught me the EFT sequence to do on myself. After the second session I only had two or three hot flashes. I did my EFT routine. The next day, only one or two, and I did my EFT routine again. The day after that I don’t remember having any hot flashes, but I did the routine just in case. And since then, no hot flashes! I have done the routine twice more just to m
Karen G., Alburqueque, NM
Wow, what can I say about my bio-feedback sessions with Romel at the Waves of LIFE in Ocean Beach.  It’s completely awesome.  Imagine getting a psychology, spiritual, and overall assessment (where you’re at) enhancement all in one!! and it is reasonably priced!!!  Romel is very evolved, nurturing, and comfortably provides a great environment for one to have a very beneficial experience in many ways.  On top of that I feel so balanced and great when leaving.  I really look forward to my next session!! Thank you, Romel.
Jon C., San Diego, Ca.

Thank you for everything – you are a real godsend. My son has improved a lot – he still has a ways to go – but it was major improvement – he was really impressed and happy he met you and wants to do another session. I’d like my daughter to experience what you do also.

BH, San Diego, Ca.