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Design Your Own Life – With Passion!
By Romel Hokanson


Interview with Letitia Wright

Watch video of Dr. Letitia Wright interview with Romel Hokanson on The Wright Place. It's the second 8-minute segment, once you click on http://www.wrightplacetv.com/

Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C. Romel Hokanson, C.B.S

What is passion? Passion is a very powerful force. It is boundless enthusiasm, zeal, fervor, ardor, intense emotion, eagerness, compelling action, earnestness, excitement.

If you are living without passion to any degree, you are living a one-sided, incomplete life, controlled by your environment. Life without passion and enthusiasm is full of worries and fears, discontent and unhappiness.

Do you want to live a mechanical, one-sided life or a life filled with passion? It’s your choice. You alone are the architect of your life and you can design and construct it
any way you choose.

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